5 Most Unhealthy Foods for Early Death!

Be aware.

Being healthy is not just about leading an active way of life or even having to buy something, or going through regular check-ups with your doctor. One of the most important things is to avoid the consumption of those most unhealthy foods, which in other words may cause the diet imbalance or are otherwise destructive.

Do not be afraid of the title, the most unhealthy foods will not kill you in one day. But they will do it slowly, and painfully…  :twisted:

I’ve been experiencing health issues before, due to the incorrect diet, and I’ve been going all through that, before I actually started to realize, that it is the bad food that caused it. Alright, let’s go ahead and see what we’ve got for tonight:

1. French fries


Your favorite? Oh no… Unfortunately, not only the cooking oil degrades with heating to high temperatures, the potatoes, when exposed to high temperature and oil form strong carcinogens. In addition, a regular portion of french fries bought in fast-foods contains about 30 grams of trans-fat.

2. Soft drinks

These are supposed to be the partners of the above… Oh yes, and they cause stomach and digestive tract ulcers, destroy the pancreas and are one of the main causes of diabetes. The elevated blood-sugar may also cause kidney damage and renal failure in severe cases.

3. Canned foods

 Do you love tuna? It will hit you back!

We all love canned foods, sardines and tuna. But this love is always unrequited – they pay us with evil…  :evil: Preserved foods contain artificial components that accumulate in the body, resulting in weakened and inflammatory kidneys, that causes an acute pain.

4. Instant noodles

Only in instant noodles you can find it all: acid regulators, flavour enhancers, thickeners, humectants, colours, stabilizers, anti-oxidants, emulsifiers, flour treatment agents, preservatives and anti-caking agents. They are the junkiest of the junk food, and so rightly occupy the 4th place on our most unhealthy foods list. Being an extremely processed food and containing nothing but carbohydrates, they have very low nutritional value. In addition a high sodium levels may cause hypertension and heart disease, this is especially important to know, if you actually use these flavors and soy-sauce that they come together with.

5. Light mayonnaise

Obsessed with 'light' products? Don't get yourself fooled!

This is the most ridiculous unhealthy food ever, while it does have a lower per gram fat ratio, it actually contains 100% hydrogenated fat, aka trans fat, which results in blockage of blood vessels, resulting in anemia, and also causes a coronary heart disease, along with the obesity of course. On the other hand the regular mayonnaise is much more easily digested and does not cause any problems, unless exaggerated with.

Did I forget to mention something?

It’s getting late, so blame me not… Instead, you may kindly contribute with your comments, they are highly appreciated by the way. ;-)

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