Spirulina taste: yuck or yummy?

Do you know the taste of spirulina?

Most of the people find hard time enjoying its taste, although there are many worse things they’ve tried not… Some people would not take it ever again, after their first experience, though as usual, the reviewers tend to exaggerate their affection. All in all, it is the benefit that matters, so it is worth the sacrifice for the sake of healthy living.

spirulina glassYou shouldn’t be surprised either, to hear that the taste may vary, depending on the source of spirulina. The spirulina coming from the sea is usually gross and kinds of smells fishy – different brands also have their own smack that greatly varies from producer to producer.  Out of three common species of spirulina, the Hawaiian one is by deduction marine and is grown using the ocean water, while the others - Pacifica and Azteca only live in fresh water lakes or ponds, and naturally aren’t as harsh in taste and odor.

But set aside the brands, what if… you’ve already tasted it, and the taste consistently drives you nuts, each time a portion of it approaches your mouth? Well the easiest way is to get spirulina in capsules, of course - you just gulp them with water and then take your lunch, and I guarantee you will notice nothing. The challenge comes when you get it in bulk powder, while also trying to consume it in the amounts as bigger as possible due to its lower cost. And the opposite force of this raw spirulina is an art of mixing it to make it more palatable.

Make it more palatable!

I shall share some recipes and inventions obtained from the minds egocentric and self-seeking.  But first, let us note once again that spirulina does not tolerate the very harsh conditions, so don’t ever think of cooking it, or brewing it into a liqueur or something, for that would obviously turn all its value into naught. While on the other hand, the most beneficial way of consumption would be mixing it with the milk (which is likewise alkaline), or fresh water, but as you’ve probably already guessed, it is the least pleasant experience to go by, and could also turn your teeth green (though thank God not yellow).

Now lets finally get to the yummy part:

  1. Smoothies! Mix it with smoothies, and the bad taste gets almost unnoticeable. All kinds of smoothies work great, just make sure you’ve got some fruits and ice in your fridge and get started. Some would even flourish it with crushed almonds, chocolate or honey, or whatever the cream of their pomposity.
  2. Juice. Mix it with the juice. Particularly orange juice appears to work fine, effectively counteracting the gross taste of spirulina, while some people prefer apple or even pomegranate juices. In addition, it also goes well with vegetable juices, such as of celery and carrots.
  3. Make it a shot.  Naturally, this is a great idea if you’re friendly with hard drinks and would probably take the least hassle of all. Just mix it with a small amount of water and overturn straight into your throat, and then follow up with a chaser – cold water or a juice would do.

Enjoy! - How ever green wouldn’t it look…

At last, I would wish you not only to get used to this spirulina taste, which you will do gradually, but to actually crave for it, because the craving for spirulina is a significant token on the way to the state of healthiness and well being. :-)

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